About Us

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Agate Infotek Private Limited, is a company based in Chennai, Tamilnadu, South India offering its services and solutions on accessibility, software, assistive technology consulting for people with special needs or differently abled. Founded in 1998, the company initially ventured into software consulting and distribution of Indian language software services for the requirements of publishing and media industry.

Later, when the development of Indian language solutions started getting integrated into assistive technology (AT) solutions for visually challenged, Agate Infotek set forward to create awareness, work towards advocacy, provide training, support accessibility services and assistive technology in Tamilnadu.

Agate Infotek from then has presented a range of consulting services, awareness camps and workshops, sales, implementation and support services to the stake holders of inclusive education and employment like schools, universities, NGOs, Government Organizations and families for persons with special needs or differently abled. The company is involved in programmes to include technology integration, augmentative communication, computer access, literacy, electronic writing, organizing, behavior and study support mechanisms, career guidance and assistive technology assessment and implementation strategies, in particular for the differently abled students and working community.

Our Team

Persons with special needs are being increasingly supported by civil society and the government. The strategies and activities for educating a differently abled or children with special needs have to be modified to reflect the individual child's visual, auditory and tactile/vision, cognitive, motor capabilities. This should enhance their effective communication, social competence, employability, and personal independence.

Agate Infotek, as a team involve in undertaking specific interventions and modifications in educational programs assisted by technology aids. The company does appropriate assessments of these unique educational needs in all areas related to the disability and instructions adapted to meet the special needs of the children at school level to university going students or scholars belonging to differently abled community.

Agate Infotek has senior consultants specialized in special education for people with disabilities in the organizational setup. The team includes differently abled persons with a passion for technology to work as resource experts in disability assistance and accessibility improvement. As pioneers they motivate and initiate the positive thoughts of empowerment among people especially children belonging to the differently abled community, their parents and educators.

Mission Statement

The company with its visionary goal of inclusion of differently abled into the mainstream society especially children with special needs, spreads the information and updates happening in Technology advances in a language that they can readily understand and appreciate.

It collaborates positively with parents, educational institutions, libraries, NGOs, government agencies, organizations and other stakeholders constantly to address the special needs of the differently abled, for inclusive education, employment opportunities and equal social life.

Vision Statement

Step up to foster a society that provides equal opportunities in education, career and life as a whole for children and people with special needs or differently abled through sincere endeavours aided by technology.

What we do?

Professionals with technology background and resource experts

  • work on assistive technology sales, implementation, training and sustained support
  • co-ordinate with the stakeholders, beneficiaries, assistive equipment & software manufacturers
  • address the needs in the right possible way, setting accessibility requirements
  • get updated on latest technologies and research work going around
  • transform knowledge acquired into awareness programmes, workshops for an empowerment to happen
  • sensitize the people involved to think, work from a perspective of child or people with special needs
  • adapt assistive technology and sustainable methodologies in daily walk of life, in education and employment