Assistive Technology

Assistive technology (AT), referred also as Adaptive Technology is any system, tool, device, equipment, or software that enable individuals to perform tasks easily inspite of their physical or knowledge acquisition challenges. Assistive technology helps to overcome challenges in

  • Vision
  • Hearing
  • Speech
  • Mobility
  • Learning


Agate Infotek, considers this as a servicing area where access to facility or information denied to an individual or society is a road block in knowledge acquisition, information sharing, and mobility for the sake of studies, career, self development and social life. The services are

  • Accessibility Consulting
  • Infrastructure Planning
  • Assessment, Implementation and Support
  • Data Conversion to Accessible Formats
  • Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) Testing

Assistive Technology Services

Agate Infotek's services help children with special needs or person with challenges or organization involved for selection, acquisition, and usage of that assistive technology tool, software, product or facility. And, offering service and maintenance support in long run for sustained usability to get benefited by that technology.

The services comprehensively include

  • Evaluation of the needs based on challenges, functional assessment pertaining to individual or group of persons with challenges for which the customary setup facility is planned
  • Purchasing, implementing or installing for the acquisition of assistive technology tools and software by the beneficieries
  • Training, maintaining, troubleshooting, repairing, or replacing and supporting the acquired Assistive Technology for effective utilization
  • Working with Assistive Technology vendors in designing, customizing, adapting, applying, to suit the special needs specific to individual or group's challenges.
  • Consulting in setting up technology assistance centers, labs, libraries which specialize in a certain aspect of assistive technology services for: blind, low vision, deaf blind, speech, hearing, learning and mobility challenges

The primary focus area of our services is centered on Assistive Technology enabled education and employment, that offers equal opportunities for everyone.

Getting started to implement this visionary goal, we constantly interact and work with

  • Educational institutions of primary as well as higher education
  • Public / Institutional Library authorities
  • Non-profit organizations and service groups
  • Government agencies, organizations and offices for differently abled, people with challenges
  • Career opportunities providers

to create awareness, as well as harness the benefits of Assistive Technology for a better tomorrow, hopeful and dream come alive future in life of children and persons with special needs.