Why Agate Infotek?

Barrier to access facility or information for an individual or society is a roadblock. This block hinders knowledge acquisition, information sharing, mobility, and communication essential for education, career, self-development, and social life. Agate Infotek offers services that assist, enable, and empower to break this barrier for persons with disabilities to promote an inclusive society.

  • Accessibility Consulting

  • Infrastructure and Resource Planning

  • Design and Development of Inclusive products and solutions

  • Assistive Technology Assessment, Implementation and Support

  • Adaptation and Conversion for Accessibility of Digital content

  • Accessibility Testing for Standards Compliance


our services

Agate Infotek's services help children with special needs or person with challenges or organization involved for selection, acquisition, and usage of that assistive technology tool, software, product or facility. And, offering service and maintenance support in long run for sustained usability to get benefited by that technology.

Accessibility Consulting

Consulting on designing, developing, and implementing accessible physical infrastructure, guidance, and support for development of information that is born accessible for all, collaborating with various stakeholders to change social attitudes towards disabilities, engage for diversity and inclusive practices in education, training, recruitment, and employment opportunities.

Infrastructure and Resource Planning

Planning with primary and second stakeholders by working and knowledge sharing on resources required, cost involved for inclusive infrastructure like resource centre, information and communication technology based labs, libraries, programmes development and implementation for education and economic inclusion of persons with disabilities.

Design and Development of Inclusive products and solutions

Support in designing, architecting, evaluating inclusive products with developers and service providers of assistive devices, applications, accessibility solutions that acts as an enabler to supplement the functional abilities of persons with disabilities, improve and maintain the inherent capabilities, participate, and excel in life opportunities.

Assistive Technology Assessment, Implementation and Support

Work on standardised assessment procedures for Assistive Technology requirements for individuals and organisations, selecting the right solutions from various choices, promote decision making and self-interest, implement with training and maintenance support.

Adaptation and Conversion for Accessibility of Digital content

Conversion of existing informative, reading and learning content available in printed, digital texts, audio visuals into accessible formats like braille, audio, tactile graphics, digitisation, image processing, ePUB, sign Language, captioned videos, and interactive solutions, as per the requirements of individuals and organisations to support their difficulties in seeing, hearing, communicating, reading, and comprehending.

Accessibility Testing for Standards Compliance

Testing of developed solutions in the form of applications / apps, digital content for compliance as per global and country accessibility standards, reporting on remedial measures and guidance for making it accessible for all.


Agate Infotek Private Limited, is a company based in Chennai, Tamilnadu, South India with dedicated consultants specialized in offering Assistive Technology (AT) and Accessibility services for more than a decade to institutions and individuals. The team includes technology experts among persons with disabilities, AT startup entrepreneurs, special educators, accessibility experts with a passion for inclusion. As pioneers the team motivate and initiate the positive thoughts of empowerment among the stakeholders that include persons with disabilities, parents, relatives, teachers, institutions, and authorities.

Inclusion is equality.

Accessibility is the Key.


This page is intended to provide useful information on accessibility, assistive technology tools, softwares, open source downloads, links, support, tutors, articles, videos, audio links, educational, employment resources, research updates related to children and people with special needs. Please help us to have as many by providing suggestions in this regard from the perspective of children with special needs or people with challenges. For more information, please feel free to call on our mobile number 98400 97237 or email us at


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